2017 Orbital Sander Reviews – Which Orbital Sander Is The Best?

An orbital sander is very useful when you’re working on very smooth finish. It saves you from the hustle of sanding manually with your hands, which is very cumbersome. With an orbital sander, you can work on many pieces.

When you’re looking to buy an orbital sander, you should compare the prices and features to ensure you get a tool that’s worth your money. Look for the basic features in an orbital sander because some of them are there for the sake of enticing you. Here are some of the best orbital sanders on the market.

Orbital sanders usually use regular sandpapers. Sandpaper sheets are cut into halves or quarters and are then securely clamped onto the flat base of the sander.  Holes have to be punched in sandpaper and sanders  should not be pressed too hard for dust collection to work properly.



DEWALT D26441K 2.4-AMP Orbital 1/4-Sheet Sander with Cloth Dust Bag

For a start, the Dewalt sheet orbital sander comes with a dust-sealed power switch to prevent it from being jammed by debris. The top of the sander is rugged to give you a soft and firm grip. The rugged top enables you to move the sander to and fro without the fear of losing the grip of the tool. The sander is very durable because it has ball bearing construction.

The sander is fitted with a high capacity dust bag for containing debris and dust. Besides that, the sander is run by a 2.4 amp motor and can make up to 14,000 orbits per minute. The tool has a dual plane that is counterbalanced to keep noise levels on the minimum. The tool weighs only 3.4 pounds, so you can hold it with just one hand. The package comes with a carrier bag and the deal is secured by a 3 year warranty.

The Dewalt sheet orbital sander is a top-of-the-range tool. It’s very comfortable to use because it comes with dual plane that’s counterbalanced to reduce noise levels. The power switch is sealed to protect it from dust and debris that can cause it to break down. Moreover, there is a dust port that is connected to a high-capacity dust bag for holding debris. The sander’s top is rugged to enable you to operate it the way you want to.


  • 2.4 amps motor at 14,000 OPM
  • Ball bearing construction
  • Rugged top
  • Dust sealed power switch
  • 3 year warranty
  • Dual plane and counter balanced for low noise and comfort
  • Dust port and canister
  • Carrier bag


  • Some people complain the clip mechanism is not holding the sandpaper well

Makita BO4556K 2.0 Amp 4-1/2-Inch Finishing Sander with Case

Makita BO4556K is a ¼ sheet orbital sander. It is compact and lightweight of just 2.6 lbs but gives fast and smooth finishing surface operating at 14,000 OPM with a 2.0 amp motor. Its rubberized palm grip gives you an ergonomic comfort. The switch is rubber sealed to prevent dust contamination, which increases its life. Similar to other models, the sandpaper is hold by metal clamps.

It is made all-bearing construction, which the manufacturer claims to reduce vibration and noise but the sander feels about the same in your hands as other models do. One nice feature is that it stops vibrating very fast when you turn off, which can speed up your work. The sturdy plastic case is another nice thing about this kit.


  • Light weight and compact with excellent result
  • Dust sealed switch
  • Ergonomic design with rubber top
  • Clamping lever for quick and easy sandpaper replace


  • Some people complains about defective plastic base plate
  • Dust bag doesn’t lock on/fall off


Bosch 1297D 1/4 Sheet Orbital Finishing Sander

The Bosch sheet orbital sander comes with clamps that are made from rubber for holding the sheet down firmly. Besides that, the sander supports stick-on sandpaper. The sander is indeed a time saver because it runs at a speed of 12,000 orbits per minute thanks to its 2.0 amp motor. Replacing worn out sandpaper is pretty simple due to the fact that the sander uses a SheetLoc sandpaper attachment system. The technology lengthens the lifespan of the sanding material.

The sander employs 3-point counter balance to keep vibration noise on the low. Besides that, the sander comes with a dust canister that has a Microfilter system for holding dust and debris. The top of the sander has a rugged finish to give you a firm grip over the tool.

The Bosch sheet orbital sander guarantees a smooth finish that’s free from any creases and wrinkles. The sandpaper is held tightly by the rubber clamps to make sure it’s spread out well. The sander is very flexible because it can use the stick-on type of sandpaper. It makes minimal noise due to the 3-point counter balancing that is used. The sander has a dust canister that is integrated with Microfilter paper for holding even the smallest bits of debris.


  • Microfilter dust canister
  • 2.0 amps motor at 12,000 OPM
  • SheetLoc sandpaper attachment system for firm and easy clipping of sandpaper
  • 3-point counter balance
  • Rugged finish top
  • Ball bearing construction


  • Rubberized rear clamps wears out over time
  • No carrier bag


Makita BO4900V 2.9 Amp Variable Speed 1/2 Sheet Sander with Paper Dust Bag

Makita BO4900V is easily the best ½ sheet orbital sander available in the market. With a ½ sheet sandpaper, you will not have to run the sander over and over. To cover ½ sheet area, it has a 2.9 amp motor, which is more powerful than others in ¼ sheet orbital sanders. The motor can produce variable speed at 4,000 – 10,000 OPM to take care of different materials.

It is well balanced and its operation is quiet, smooth, and very easy with super low vibration. The finished work will be an excellent product. One critical problem is that this model does not come with the punch plate, which need to be purchased separate. Without it, the dust collection system is simply useless.


  • Variable speed at 4,000 – 10,000 OPM to match the speed to the material
  • ½ Sheet size to cover more work area
  • Hook and loop system
  • Easy hook up to dust collection or vacuum hose
  • Ergonomic design
  • Minimized vibration for smooth and quiet operation


  • Some dust collection problem
  • No hole punch provided.

BLACK & DECKER BDEQS300 1/4-Sheet Orbital Sander

The Black & Decker sheet orbital sander runs on a 2.0 amp motor that makes approximately 1,600 orbits per minute, which is slower than other orbital sanders and good fit for light DIY projects. It is a good value item but still produce as good finishing surface as other comparable orbital sanders. The orbital sander comes with a compact design so it occupies very little space on your workplace. Due to its small size, you can use it to sand areas that are hard to reach such as beneath shelves and contours.

The orbital sander is designed with your ergonomic needs in mind, so you can use it for many hours without getting tired. In fact, it fits perfectly in your palm which makes it comfortable to use. Since it’s light, you can use only one hand to run it over the surface that you’re working on. The sander is fitted with a paddle activation switch at the bottom.

To turn the machine on, simply press the top with your palm just like you do when you’re operating the sander. The sander has a dust collection port that can be used to hook up to a dust bag for gathering dust and debris. The casing of the sander has a rugged finish to make sure it doesn’t slip off during operation.


  • Compact design
  • Cost efficient
  • Paddle activation switch for on and off
  • 2.0 amps motor
  • Rugged casing
  • Tri-layer filtration for high performance dust collection


  • No carrier bag
  • Some people complain about dust collection is not perfect
  • Fixed speed at 1,600 OPM


Bosch OS50VC 120-Volt 3.4-Amp Variable Speed 1/2-Sheet Orbital Finishing Sander with Vibration Control

The Bosch OS50VC’s 3.4 amp motor provides enough power to cover almost double the sanding area of ¼ sheet sanders and yet very smooth handling and excellent finish. Ergonomics are good with comfortable grips. With vibration control, it is surprisingly quiet and easy to handle.

Dust canister is a screw-off end cap and you can remove dust quickly. The unit also comes with a hose fitting and you can attach it to a dust collecting system. Like Bosch 1297D 1/4 Sheet Orbital Sander, loading a sandpaper is effortless using the SheetLoc clamping system. Equipped with the punch plate, using standard sandpaper is no problem. The drawback is no case is provided and it is expensive comparing with other models.


  • Powerful 3.4 amp motor for faster sanding
  • Vibration control for easy handling and comfort
  • Variable speed
  • SheetLoc clamping system for tight and easy sandpaper replace



  • Expensive
  • No case


PORTER-CABLE 330 Speed-Bloc 1.2 Amp 1/4 Sheet Sander

The Porter Cable 330 has a unique design of bell shape, which looks different from other orbital sanders. Along with no built-in dust collection, the ball bearing shaft and plastic covered full metal frame gives good durability.  The body shape provides a comfortable grip, and also dampens vibration together with the solid metal frame weight and rubber post.

Its 14,000 OPM motor is rated at mere 1.2 amp but it still provides enough power for most fine finish sanding tasks. It may give you a problem when you work with rough grits of sandpaper. Sandpaper is secured very tight with metal stamps but replacing sandpapers is not easy snap on.


  • Durability
  • Good vibration reduction
  • Ergonomic design
  • Quiet operation


  • No dust collection
  • 2 amp motor at fixed speed of 14,000 OPM
  • Not easy sandpaper replace


Milwaukee 6020-21 1/4-Sheet Orbital Sander

The Milwaukee 6020-21 has powerful 3.0 amp motor at 14,000 OPM to tackle most orbital sanding jobs. It produces good quality finish sanding surface. Maybe because of the powerful motor, you can feel some vibration and it can be a problem for a long job or very fine finish.

The manufacturer claims the large paper clamp tabs make sandpaper change effortless but some people complains the difficulty to load sandpaper, especially at the back of the sander because of the cramped space with the dust bag. The dust extraction is excellent with either the dust bag or a vacuum attached to the dust port.


  • Powerful 3.0 amp motor at 14,000 OPM
  • Ergonomic design for comfort and easy control
  • Pad cushioning and break to reduce swirl marks
  • Good dust collection


  • Difficult to replace sandpaper
  • Some vibration issue



These are some of the best orbital sanders in the market. The DEWALT D26441K model is our pick for the overall best, followed very close by the Makita BO4556K and Bosch 1297D sanders. All three models priced well and deliver excellent results. For the professional use, the ½ sheet orbital sander Makita BO4900V is recommended to produce the best quality result for more finished area at the same time than ¼ sheet sanders. If you are tight on budget, the BLACK+DECKER BDEQS300 is a good deal, which is under $40 and still performs well.

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