Best Bench Grinder For Your Shop

Different types of bench grinders come in various configurations and sizes. Among the most common options are 6 and 8 inches. This measurement is the size of the actual grinding wheel. Homeowners, contractors, as well as DIY fanatics will find that the 6-inch bench grinders are enough.

On the other hand, the larger option, that is, the 8-inch one, is perfect for most industrial applications. The primary advantage of the bigger wheel size is its longer wheel life along with a faster surface speed. Even though the motor turns at the same rate of RPM, the bigger diameter allows the outer side of the wheel to move faster, thus grinding even faster as well.

Even though bench grinders may not be the coolest tools to look at, they are among the most important tools that you need to have in your tool box. They are generally used in sharpening tools, particularly the drill bits. There are different grits on the two wheels, which allows you to use one for fine sharpening, and the other option for coarse ones.

The tool is simple, because it is just a basic motor that comes with a shaft that extends on both edges. However, the help that it can provide for your project is incomparable.



DEWALT DW756 6-Inch Bench Grinder

This Dewalt DW756 is one of the best built 6 inch bench grinders you can find in the market. It has plenty of power rated at 5/8 HP. Most others in the same class are in the under 1/3 HP range. It runs smooth and quiet, and does not slow down when pressure is applied. The wheel guards are very nice and sturdy. It is easy to clean and maintain, and comes with 3 year limited warranty.

The diameter of the motor is the same as that of the wheels, so when you try to sharpen a long curved piece, it can become tricky because the motor casing can be in the way. Another complain is the instructions are written very poor in showing how to assemble the accessories. Overall this model is ideal for various applications and can take heavy duty jobs.


  • Powerful 5/8 HP induction motor at 3,450 rpm
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Three year warranty
  • Durability with cast iron base and motor housing
  • Tool rest and eye shields


  • Grinding a long piece item can be tricky
  • Assembly instruction is not well written


Craftsman 9-21154 Variable Speed 6-Inch Grinding Center

Craftsman is a trusted name in the industry, known to make great, professional grade tools. There are a lot of features in this unit, with the tool rests as the most impressive options. They are generally sturdy and are also equipped with an attachment that can be used in holding drill bits, located at the right angle which is perfect for sharpening.

At the same time, there is also an integral water cooling tray that is useful when you are sharpening tools. It comes with a variable speed, along with a control ranging between 2,000 and 3,400 RPM. It also has a wheel dressing tool as well as oversize spark guards. With its integral work light, it would also be easy for you to see your project.

You may have a difficulty grinding a larger tools because the motor casing can be in the way but it would be a problem for the most 6 inch grinders. With a 1/5 HP motor, it may not be enough for heavy duty jobs. The Craftsman 21162 Professional Variable Speed 8” Bench Grinder is capable of performing a wide array of sharpening, grinding, as well as buffing projects and is perfect for home or small shop use.


  • Wheel dresser can clean abrasive wheels
  • Clear eye shield included
  • Wheel guard spark arrest perfect for safety while working
  • Variable speed


  • Too small for large tools
  • 1/5 HP motor


Sunex 5002A Bench Grinder with Light, 8-Inch

The Sunex 5002A is a well balanced heavy duty 8 inch grinder. This unit has plenty of power with a ¾ HP motor at 3,450 RPM. Sharpening lawn mower blades or tools works well. It runs smooth with little or no vibration. Being heavy and with almost no vibration, you could use it without bolting down to the bench but it is highly recommended to anchor it down.

This model will last long with cast iron base. Safety features include adjustable eye shield and protective spark guard. The flexible light is a good addition. Some complains about the wobbly wheels, which need to be replaced or adjusted.


  • ¾ HP motor with 3,450 RPM
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Adjustable eye shield and protective spark guard for safety
  • Durable cast iron base


  • Some units have wobbly wheels


WEN 4276 6-Inch Bench Grinder

The Wen 4276 is very affordable and yet works surprisingly well for your home shop use. The motor runs very quiet and does not stall out easily when pressure is placed against it. It is compact, light weighted and does not vibrate. With the flexible lamp and transparent protection shields, you can take a good close look at the piece as you’re grinding.

The rubber feet hold it in place securely, but being light weighted you should anchor it securely on the work bench or table. When you bolt it down on work bench, you have to take off the wheel and entire safety housing to access the bolt holes and it is inconvenient. Another issue is that you have to add a spacer to use a wire wheel. Like other 6 inch grinders, the motor can be in the way when you grind a large piece.  It has a 2.1 amp motor at 3,450 RPM, which has sufficient power to perform simple tasks but it may not be enough to abuse in a machine shop or something more with daily use.


  • Compact and light weighted
  • Low cost
  • Spark shield and light
  • Quite operation


  • Wire wheel use need spacers
  • Grinding a large piece may not be easy
  • Bolting grinder onto the bench is inconvenient
  • 1 amp motor


POWERTEC BGSS801 Slow Speed Bench Grinder, 8″

The Powertec BGSS801 is ideal for sharpening tools. When you grind or sharpen tools, you should be careful not to overheat them. Overheating of the tools by aggressive grinding will damage tools by heat checking and a burnt microstructure. This grinder will try to minimize overheating by slow speed 1,725 RPM and using white aluminum oxide wheels which produce less heat than conventional wheels.

Because it uses 8 inch wheels, the motor will not be in the way when you grind large items. It is at the low end of 8 inch grinders but the motor runs smooth and quiet. Some customers reported the wheels are wobbly and need to be adjusted before use. Using a ½ HP motor at 1,725 RPM, it is not a muscle grinder but good for light grinding and tool sharpening.


  • Good for tool sharpening
  • 8 inch wheels for large items
  • Less overheat with slow speed (1,725 RPM) and using less heat producing white aluminum oxide wheels
  • Smooth and quiet running


  • Some units have wobbly wheels
  • ½ HP motor


Rockwell ShopSeries RK7867 6-Inch Bench Grinder

The Rockwell ShopSeries RK7867  is very comparable to WEN 4276. Both has comparable power motors and can be used for similar applications. Both shares almost same complains. To bolt down the grinder to a work bench, you have to dismount the base to access the bolt holes. If you want to use a wire wheel, you need a spacer for the wheel to clear the guard properly. This unit has no lamp and is a little more expensive than the WEN 4276 grinder.


  • Adjustable tool rest
  • Safety eye shields
  • Cost efficient


  • Need spacer to use wire wheels
  • 2 amp motor
  • Mounting on workbench is inconvenient
  • Grinding a large piece may not be easy


SKIL 3380-01 6-Inch Bench Grinder

The Skil 3380-01 model is a typical 6 inch bench grinder. It runs smoothly and quietly without much vibration. It comes with two grind wheels: medium and coarse. You can adjust tool/work rest for precision control depending on the tools you are grinding. One nice feature is that it has built in mini lights over both wheels.

Because the motor size is about the same as the wheel size, your hand or item position can be tricky when you grind a large item. When you want to use a wire wheel, you may need a spacer because it is thinner than grinding wheels. It operates at typical speed of 3,450 RPM but the motor is at the low end on power – 2.1 amp. It will be fine for most usual DIY jobs but may not be enough for heavy duty grinding.


  • Built in small LED lights
  • Adjustable tool rests
  • Quiet and smooth running


  • Wire wheel may need spacer
  • 1 amp motor
  • Grinding a large piece may be tricky


DEWALT DW758 8-Inch Bench Grinder

This 8 inch grinder is a valuable upgrade from its 6 inch counterpart DW756. The 8 inch wheels extend well past the motor housing and you have more room to maneuver for the grinding, sharpening, polishing of odd shaped and long pieces. It has more power with a ¾ HP motor at 3,600 RPM to take heavier duty jobs. Like DW 756, it has tool rest, eye shields and is well built with rugged cast iron base and motor housing. It runs smooth and quiet.

Its instruction is written poorly and take extra time to follow. Some bench grinders are very fine to use out of box and some has wheels wobbling. In case of wobbling wheels, you need to put some shim or spacer to balance. However, it seems that there are more than usual complains about wobbling wheels with this model and some complained they cannot even fix it and had to return. So it is a good 8 inch grinder but if you are one of unlucky few, be ready to return it.


  • Powerful 3/4 HP induction motor at 3,600 rpm
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Three year warranty
  • Durability with cast iron base and motor housing
  • Tool rest and eye shields


  • Some wobbling wheels need adjustment or replaced
  • Poorly written instruction


JET 577102 JBG-8A 8-Inch Bench Grinder

If you are searching for a heavy duty grinder for industrial grade, this option can be the perfect choice for you. It is a real powerhouse, when it comes to features. In fact, it has a 1 HP motor, making it better than the others in the list. It also comes with 8 inch wheels, thus avoiding problems regarding wheel interference when you grind a large item.

Its grinder has been designed with pre-lubricated and sealed ball bearings which make it possible to last longer. With its rubber mount, vibration is kept down. It is also equipped with features that are perfect for any type of applications like cast iron wheel guards and quick adjustable eye shields. This unit is priced more than other 8 inch grinders listed here but some units still has wheel wobbling problem which need to be adjusted with spacers or shims.


  • 1 HP powerful motor
  • Completely enclosed with pre-lubricated ball bearings
  • Heavy duty guarded toggle switch
  • Comes with large eye shields for protection


  • Some wobbling wheels need to be adjusted


Delta Power Tools 23-197 8-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder

The manufacturer of this model, Delta, has an amazing reputation when it comes to manufacturing professional tools. Even though you may not see a lot of their tools in many home workshops, they are often used in furniture shops and professional cabinets. Their tools are all rugged, well built, and carefully designed with durability in mind. This particular model is equipped with variable speeds that range from 2,000 to 3,400 RPM. It also has tool rests which has a slot milled on them, making them perfect for sharpening drill bits.

The Delta 23-199 8” Variable Speed Grinder model is the unit that is highly recommended due to its slow variable speed capability. This feature is highly recommended in sharpening lathe tools. A lot of users praise its features because they are designed to perform according to the specific needs of the users. The wheels are fine for grinding and sharpening, while the grinder performs well on its tasks. Like most other grinders, some units need adjustment to fix wobbling wheels.


  • Perfect for sharpening various materials
  • 5 amp motor at variable speed from 2,000 to 3,400 RPM
  • Water cup to cool the material
  • Comes with cast iron that can minimize vibration while operating


  • Some units need adjustment to avoid wheel wobbling




Each of the items in this list comes with different features which address the different types of needs of various handymen. For your home projects and other DIY needs, 6 inch grinders Dewalt DW756 and Craftman 9-21154 seems good choice. However, if you are looking for an option which can serve as a solution for your heavy duty grinding needs, Sunex 5002A as a 8 inch grinder will suit your need better. If you have a limited budget, Wen 4276 is a 6 inch grinder you can use.

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