Finding Best Angle Grinder

Due to the fact that there are a lot of different grinders that are currently available in the market these days, it may seem daunting when you are looking for the best model that can suit your needs. This review of the best angle grinder is created to narrow down the search. As what you may have already known, angle grinders are powerful, efficient, and versatile tools that each handyman should have.

The grinder’s size is determined by its disc size. A 4.5 inch angle grinder, which is the most common size, uses a 4.5 inch diameter wheel disc. A 7 inch and 9 inch grinder uses a 7 inch disc and 9 inch disc respectively. The bigger the grinder, the better and quicker it is for large jobs. However, the bigger grinders need more caution to use because of more power and weight.

With a wide array of different functions, as well as accessories, you will definitely see that the moment you get your hands on one, you will never be able to live without it again. Checking on the review below can help you in better understanding the use of this very effective tool, as well as all of the amazing ways in which it can be used.


DEWALT DWE402K 4-1/2-Inch 11-Amp Angle Grinder Kit

This model has been designed to avoid dust and debris particles which can possibly damage the tool by entering through the air intake. It can also enhance the performance, thanks to its corded design as well as quality motor that can efficiently work while avoiding an overload. The manufacturer, Dewalt, has become a name which you can trust in the world of power tools.

Because it comes with a highly powerful 11 amp 11,000 RPM which is effective for both grinding and cutting, along with its quick change wheel release, it is easy for you to enjoy a tool-free removal. This unit has other features, such as a safety lock-off to prevent accidental start-up and low profile gear case to access tight area. Overall, this is a go to angle grinder for anyone.


  • Powerful motor created for faster material removal
  • Durable, thanks to its dust ejection system
  • Quick change wheel release
  • Low profile gear to access into tight spaces
  • One touch guard to rotate the guard any position with a single action


  • Some people complains it is uncomfortable to hold


Makita 9557PBX1 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder with Aluminum Case

With a 7.5 amp motor, the Makita 9557PBX1 may not be a muscle angle grinder, however, this grinder has enough power that you will not find many tasks it can’t do. Makita even included a diamond blade to use the grinder for cutting stones. It is a comfortable size with small circumference barrel grip and light weight. The paddle switch design is easy to use and it can’t be accidentally turned on before you are ready.

Makita has a reputation for great quality. This tool made for long life with labyrinth construction, which seals and protects the motor and bearings from dust and debris. It is also made with thicker coil wires and vanish sealing.


  • Sealed motor and bearing from contamination
  • Easy handling with compact size and light weight
  • Can use both AC and DC power source
  • Lock-on feature to work continuously


  • Less power (7.5 amp motor) than other grinders in the same class


DEWALT DW840K 7-Inch Angle Grinder with Bag and Wheels

This 7 inch grinder with a 13 amp motor is high powered and accurate. It is a little bit heavy but it is needed to provide the power and has a high power-to-weight ratio for less user fatigue and great efficiency. The sealed ball and bearing design provides durability of the tool.

This model has a rear handle for easy control and better holding. Other features include convenient keyless adjustable guard which you can change position with ease. Five grinding wheels are generously included. When you work on the application creating a lot of dust and debris like masonry work, it is recommended to get the dust extracting shroud accessory.


  • High power 13 amp and 8,000 rpm speed motor for 7 inch grinding applications
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • Lock-on position for continuous work
  • Durability with sealed ball and roller bearings


  • Heavier and creates more dust than 4.5 inch models (which are unavoidable)


PORTER-CABLE PC60TAG 6.0-Amp 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder

The PORTER-CABLE PC60TAG is a cost effective angle grinder. Its motor is only 6.0 amp, but operating at 11,000 rpm it feels like powerful enough to handle various jobs and its performance is great. If you need a small 4.5 inch angle grinder for small projects, this would be great fit.

The case metal gear case design provides tool durability and longer life. Using a clamp design, you can adjust or remove the guard without any tool. It also features a three position handle to give you the best positioning for you task.  Its grip is very comfortable and helps you to control the grinder better.


  • Cost efficient
  • Three handle position
  • Tool-free guard adjustment and removal
  • Cast metal gear design to increase lifetime and durability


  • No cut-off guard or wheel disc
  • No case
  • 6 amp motor


Makita 9564CV 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder

If you are searching for an increased power in output coming from a more compact equipment, you have found the best angle grinder with the Makita 9564CV 4-1/2-Inch model. This tool comes with different features, such as the Super Joint System which helps in preventing gear damage, as well as a 5-stage variable speed adjustment control dial which fits the RPM to the specific work.

At the same time, it also comes with an electronic limiter that can stop the motor, reducing accidental burnout and overload of the motor. It is highly efficient and backed up with a 1-year warranty. A lot of customers, through their reviews, agree that this model can easily outperform the rest as it can also stay durable as time passes by. It is very easy to use, and can easily offer you the results that you are looking for, in terms of efficiency and speed. This is a great addition to your work shed, or as part of your professional toolbox, giving you the results for a very affordable price.


  • Super Joint system helps in preventing gear damage
  • Variable speed control dial allows for matching of speed
  • Powerful 12 amp motor for increased output power
  • Soft start feature for smoother start-ups
  • Constant speed under load
  • Longer tool life


  • Does not come with a deadman-style switch


Makita XAG03Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Cut-Off/Angle Grinder, 4-1/2-Inch

Unlike other cordless angle grinders, the Makita XAG03Z can deliver the real work in both cutting and grinding jobs. This model has a brushless motor, which delivers more power and runs efficiently for longer life than carbon brushed models.  The brushless motor is very efficient in the usage of the battery, and electronically controlling the brushless motor further prolongs the usage of the battery. The automatic speed control matches torque and rpm to the changing demands of the jobs.

The anti-restart safety function prevents the tool from starting when a battery is attached with the slide switch in the on position. Other features include an ergonomic grip design with rubber overmolding, built-in battery fuel gauge, an integrated dust screen, and a soft start motor.

Even though this model improved a lot in power and battery usage, if you have some serious grinding to do, the battery will drain fast and you may need to switch to the corded unit.


  • More powerful than other cordless grinders
  • Cordless convenience
  • Safety features
  • Ergonomic design


  • May not work for very heavy duty jobs
  • Some people complains the tool slows down while cutting


Makita GA7021 7-Inch Angle Grinder

Armed with a 15 amp motor, this 7 inch Makita GA7021 grinder can take much more heavy duty applications than 4.5 inch models. Everybody who used this tool loves it. Like other Makita grinders, the motor and bearings are labyrinth construction sealed to protect from dust for longer life. It has comfortable soft grip and can use with both AC/DC power source. When you get the recommended dust extracting shroud accessory, concrete application would be much better.


  • Powerful 15 amp motor for increased performance
  • Sealed construction for longer life and durability
  • Ergonomic soft grip design
  • Use alternative power source of AC/DC
  • Variable speed


  • No case
  • Would need an adaptor to use regular flat center wheel


PORTER-CABLE PC60TPAG 7-Amp 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder/Cut Off Tool

The PC60TPAG is another 4.5 inch angle grinder made by Porter-Cable along with the PC60TAG. It shares similar features with the PC60TAG – three handle positions, compact and light weight. It operates also at 11,000 rpm like PC60TAG but has a little more powered 7.0 amp motor, which may not be enough for very heavy duty jobs but helps to tackle more aggressively than PC60TAG. Another difference is that this includes cutting wheels and cut-off guards, which was the big complains with the PC60TAG model. It has a little higher price tag than the PC60TAG model, but if your jobs include cutting, this model will be better.


  • Cost efficient
  • Tool-free guard adjustment and removal
  • Three handle position
  • Durability with cast metal gear case


  • No case
  • 7.0 amp motor


Black & Decker BDEG400 6-Amp Angle Grinder, 4-1/2-Inch

The Black & Decker BDEG400 is another cost efficient angle grinder. It has a less powerful 6 amp motor with 10,000 rpm but the finished work is still good. If your work is not too demanding, it is fine to be around for diy jobs.  The grinder features a metal case design for longer life and durability. The handle can be placed in three positions (right, left and top) to provide easy control. The down side is that only 1 disc is included and no case is provided to keep the cost down.


  • Three position handles
  • Cost effective
  • Metal casing design for durability


  • 6 amp motor
  • No case and only 1 disc provided



The above mentioned models are the ones that have already been proven by various users through time. They can easily outperform the rest, and they also come with a reasonable price. All of them are perfect for anyone who needs a tool which has been built with professional features, and still prove to be comfortable enough to use, even for beginners.

Different users may favor different models. Overall the DEWALT DWE402K model is the best option, followed by the Makita 9557PBX1. If you need more professional tools, the DEWALT DW840K 7-Inch Angle Grinder can suit you. Among the cost effective items, the PORTER-CABLE PC60TAG  is popular.  These brands are the top players in the industry, and they vary on certain standard features, but all models mentioned here are quite reliable when it comes to providing output that you are looking for.

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